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Let’s start this Speechelo review with the most common question you guys have asked.

What Is Speechelo?

Speechelo review

If you are in Digital Marketing for a few years, then you definitely know the importance of a high-quality and engaging video.

Many digital marketers hesitate in creating videos using their own voice or face.

They either don’t have separate space or good-quality headphones or don’t have enough confidence in their voice.

Speechelo is the cloud-based service (no need for installation) for marketers to make a high-quality video using human-like voices.

This Speechelo service created by Blaster Suite folks has a good reputation for creating valuable, high-quality, and bug-free software.

Similarly, Speechelo (standard version) is available at a one-time cost of just $47 (find $10 off discount coupon at the end of this Speechelo review) and you can use it unlimited time to convert up to 700 words into speech. I guess this is more than enough to create 4-5 minutes video. You can update to PRO version ($47 quarterly) to remove this limit and get more voices.

All you need is to paste your script, choose the best voice, and hit convert. Within a few seconds, you will get a .mp3 file that you can use in any video editing software.

Speechelo has built-in Artificial Intelligence (A.I) engine that checks your script and adds pauses, and breathing at the right place.

All in all, Speechelo is a great tool for digital marketers who want to create their own videos without using their voice or face.

Additionally, you can also use Speechelo to translate your speech in 24 different languages including Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, and more.

Now let’s check out some of its features in this Speechelo review.

Why Is Speechelo Different Than Other TTS Software? (Features)

Speechelo Features

I don’t have much experience using Text-To-Speech (TTS) software, but I have used Natural Reader in the past. I didn’t like the voices it contains.

When I found Speechelo then it surely has more features like breathing, pitch tone, long pauses, etc. Additionally, Speechelo comes with an AI engine that adds punctuation marks and long pauses to make voice looks natural.

When I was testing this software, I compiled a list of features and decided to share in this Speechelo review to give my readers a quick look through on what they can expect from this program.

30+ Voices:
These are the highest quality human voices. (PRO version has more than 60 voices)
Breathing & Pauses:
You can add breathing, or pauses after every phrase. (Or you can let an AI engine to decide best places to add breathing and pauses.)
Voice Tone
Speechelo comes with three different voice tones: Joyful, Friendly, Serious. This is a great feature as you can’t have the same voice tone for videos on different topics.
Online Text Editor
You have to enter your script in this text editor, and a built-in A.I engine will decide where to add punctuation marks to make voice sounds natural.
Change Speed and Pitch
Many TTS software includes only speed option, but in Speechelo you can control pitch as well.
Speechelo comes with 24 different languages, and some of the popular ones are English (US), English (British), Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, etc. For the complete list, check the Speechelo official website.

These are interesting features (isn’t?) Let’s check out how Speechelo works?

How Speechelo Work?

How Speechelo Works

Before creating this Speechelo review, I created a few affiliate product review videos so I have good experience in how this service works.

Let me share it with you.

First of all, this is cloud-based, means no need to install any software and most importantly, developers update this service many times a month so you can enjoy a better and bug-free experience. (I have created five different videos 10-min long each and doesn’t find any problem in them)

You can convert your text into speech in just three steps.

Step 1: Paste Your Text:

You have to option to select either a Standard engine or built-in Artificial Intelligence engine.

In the standard version, you can:

  • Add breathing or pauses
  • Add emphasis to a specific word or phrase
  • Adjust speech as you like

In the A.I engine, you don’t have to do anything, and the AI engine will decide where to add pauses or breathing. AI engine will use algorithms to make speech sounds natural and engaging.

In case if you don’t find AI engine speech according to your standard, then you can adjust it as well.

Step 2 – Choose Language And Voice:

In the Speechelo standard version, you have the option to choose any of the 30 voices provided to you.

However, if these are not enough or you want more voices then you can upgrade to the PRO version that will give you 60 voices.

You can use the demo to hear the voice and select a voice that suits your niche. Additionally, you can choose language and speech tone as well. As I already mentioned, Speechelo has three different speech tones: Friendly, Joyful, and Serious.

Along with male and female voices, you will also get Kid voice as well.

Step 3 – Generate Your Speech:

Once everything is done, hit the ‘Generate’ button, and within seconds your script will be converted in speech and you can download it in .mp3 format (Some told me PRO version offers different audio format as well.)

In just one-time cost for Standard version, you have access to this program for a lifetime and generate unlimited speeches.

You can also listen to your converted speech before downloading it.

Speechelo Pricing and Upsells:

Speechelo Standard vs Pro

This is the most important section of this Speechelo review.

Blaster Suite guys are offering:

Speechelo Standard: $47 for a lifetime (unlimited use) but with our special coupon you can get it for $37

Speechelo PRO: $47 quarterly (unlimited use). PRO version includes features such as:

  • Double The Number Of Voices: PRO version includes 60 voices in 23 different languages that you can use to make videos in different voices.
  • Commercial License: You can sell these voiceover audios to your clients and make money from them.
  • Create Longer Voiceovers: No restrictions as you can convert more than 700 words into speech in one go.
  • 40 Background Music Tracks: You can include these music tracks in the background to make your video engaging.

Speechelo Tube ($37 one-time) this gives you the ability to make a new voiceover from any YouTube video you like. Just think about what you can do with this feature. Interesting, isn’t it?

Speechelo Bonuses

Speechelo Bonuses

As the above details show how beneficial Speechlo is for digital marketing but it did not end here; you get some bonuses along with Speechlo that make is more productive.

Bonuses are as follow:

20 Youtube Videos

Do you want to grow your YouTube marketing? This is a knowledge package based on 20 videos which guide you about how to improve your YouTube marketing. It helps you in creating a new YouTube channel, making engaging content, the process of getting more subscriber, using modern tools and deals with uploading videos. If you want to improve your YouTube channel or you’re a beginner in YouTube marketing, this is productive for you.

4 Externalization Videos

These four videos are detailed and good quality videos that will guide you bit by bit about how to hire freelancers for your digital works in reasonable rates thought several platforms. So if you are in the business of digital marketing, it can give you the best human resources for your business at low rates. It can be from content writing to graphic designing, or much more.

Free Copywriting Direction

You can improve your scripts with the help of this course. It gives you guidelines about copywriting and have more viewers. You will get rights to sell it to others and earn full price.

Free Articles

This bonus will give you articles on any topic. You can use it for your script content. It is beneficial in growing your business.

So, these all bonuses aid you in uplift your business.

Are you still in doubt? Take a look at things that attract me to use Speechelo and stuff I don’t like about Speechelo.

What I Like

  • Comes with glorious natural voices
  • Easy to operate
  • Can choose many various voices
  • Foreign languages are also accessible
  • Voice contriving also applicable
  • Can utilize on Mac or PC as it is cloud podium
  • Available in cheap rates than others
  • Upgrade pro give access to earn money and gives training too

Overall, I like it very much as it is easy to use and, on the other hand, very helpful in changing text files into wonderful voices. I can convert my article in voices and use it in the different forms of videos.

The pro upgrade version is very interesting as it gives you access to earn money as it consists of the Voiceover Cash Machine eBook that provides you guidelines about making clients and is very easy to handle.

 What I Don’t Like

  • The preview period is very precise, just 100 initial characters at a time
  • Doesn’t support pdf and other files for uploading

If it improves its audio preview time as it is too limited and just previews 100 characters simultaneously, it also gets perfect if it allows PDF and other files to upload.

Speechelo is a very productive software but needs some improvements, in my opinion.

Speechelo is great for converting human voice into audio, and you can utilize this audio in different ways.

Speechelo Alternative:

  • Natural Reader Text-To-Speech Software: Natural Reader is a very popular and an oldest Text-To-Speech software that offer six natural voices and it can read text from PDFs, websites, and from MS Word. Read Natural Reader Review here.
  • TextAloud Text-To-Speech Software: TextAloud is also another very useful Text-To-Speech software that can convert large files into audio very quickly. It also offers text-editor, voice changing, and other useful features. Read full TextAloud Review here.

Speechelo Review – My Final Few Words:

Speechelo Final Verdict

So at the end of this Speechelo review, I would like to say, Speechelo is the great service to convert your script or text into a human-like voice. The built-in Artificial Intelligence engine is a great addition to this service.

Although speeches with AI engine is not perfect, but with little adjustments, you can create videos in which most users can tell the difference.

If you ask me to rate this software out of five in this Speechelo review, then I would definitely give it full marks. Considering the price is low at $37 for lifetime use. I definitely recommend Speechelo.

If you are a non-English speaker, or you think your voice is not suitable for videos then you can use Speechelo to make English content with no cost (after the initial purchase.) This software is cloud-based and you don’t have to install anything on your computer.

So this is a great opportunity to make engaging videos and make full advantage of text to speech service.

Thanks for reading this Speechelo review. Share this review with your friends who want to make videos. And In case if you have any question then you can post in the commend box below.

Constructive Suggestion For Earning Money With Speechelo


In this Speechelo review, I want to add some constructive suggestions for those who want to make more money with the help of Speechelo.

So here are some suggestions that will help you in earning more money with the help of Speechelo.

·       Suggestion 1 (By Youtube And Freelancer)


Start with YouTube and search content according to your interest and business in very old videos. Go to a fiver or freelancer and hire a person for making an adaptor video on your voice content; this process needs an investment of just $20-30. Now you can give it to your new clients at the cost of $300 – $350.

·       Suggestion 2 (Make Video And Upload)


This idea is my favorite method for earning money with Speechelo. Start searching for an old video to get some knowledge about pattern and then makes a new video upload it and monetize it when you get the option.


·       Suggestion 3 (Speechelo And Affiliate Marketing)


Speechelo also helps in affiliate marketing. You can search for a course that teaches about a topic like how to reduce weight, a method to overcome stress, five effective ways to sleep well, etc. Then buy it as an affiliate marketer and record it in different languages in Speechelo.

But the problem is this is a hard and long process as you need a source file for editing, which is not available in all cases, so you have your contact vendor for the source file and have to explain your purpose.

If they provide you a source file, you can easily convert it into different patterns, voices, and languages and provide people with this video as a bonus that buy your product.


·       Suggestion 4 (Making Cooking Or Workout Videos)


This is the last method, but it is very productive. Visit any cocking website, find recipes, copy the content, and make a new voice over the video. It is a very great and easy way to make a new video; you just need to adjust text speed with the video. You can upload your videos on YouTube or other social media to rank your video.

So these are some methods you can use to earn money with Speechelo. These all are easy but need effort.

Thank you for reading this Speechelo review. I hope this will help you and I highly recommend you to buy Speechelo.