Best Text-To-Speech Software

Are you wanted to know about software for productive eLearning?

Do you want to make your eLearning better?

Today text to speech software plays an important role in eLearning classes. It will make the eLearning course easy for the seeker. Text to speech software has the ability to give a response to various learning problems. It tackles your learning and literacy difficulties and problems. So text and speech software are very beneficial for learners.

Text to speech software has helped you in many ways like. It is very helpful when you have to do multi-tasking during listen to any document. It has the ability to sense, check your text like the article, and make your text easy and understandable. It is very helpful for someone who has difficulty in reading text properly on screen, especially in the case of dyslexia patients.

Text to speech software can also solve the problem of those who have difficulties in speaking the language but good reading skills during learning.

If you want to use the best text to speech software, various kinds of software can help you in a better learning process.

So in this article, I present you a list of the best text to speech soft wares from you can pick your ideal for purpose you want to make your eLearning better.

The human vocalization and nitration make eLearning better and enjoyable. You will feel attached or connected if you listen to the human voice. Many professionals work as narrators, but they charged very high money and make issues.

Text to speech tool is the way you can’t hire a professional it will help you in speaking text and can help online learn to make their training better and easy for them.



Speechelo is the best text-to-speech software that is created by Blaster Suite. It is jam-pack with the advanced features that you will not find in any other TTS software.


  • Comes with more than 60+ voices of men, women, and Kids.
  • It allows you to add pauses and breathing.
  • You can adjust voice tone according to your project needs.
  • It comes with rich text editor
  • You can change speech and pitch
  • The software has the ability to covert text into 24 different languages.
  • It is cloud-based software, no need to install, and easy access from anywhere.

I covered this software in detail at the homepage of this site.


It is a very well known text to a speech software tool that makes your learning better and easy. It is a member of the well-known company Amazon.


  • It consists of 47 voices that include both female and male voices. It also consists of 24 different languages.
  • Ivona works with ReadSpeacker that gives out the best performance on almost every device. It has the ability to work along with other applications.
  • Ivona prices start from $29,95 for the basic options and an additional $159 for the voice you want to purchase.



NaturalReader is great software with features of OCR for Mac and Windows users. In this, you can control the speed of speaking text.


  • It is available in a free version and works with PDF, Webpages, and Word files.
  • It deals with languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Arabic, and Chinese.
  • This software consist of ORC features, stands for Optional Character Recognition. This enables your text to scan and let digital text to convert. You can listen to audio at any time you want from your computer.
  • It helps people having dyslexia that feels hard to speak or have less vocabulary sense. It can help people who face difficulty in learning or reading.
  • The free version is available with the feature of text to speech and works with the webpage, word. There are 3 versions of this software range from $69-199 relay on the voices and functions.

Zabaware Text To Speech Reader


Zabaware is an effective software for text to speech. It has the ability to read different kinds of documents.


  • It deals with various web sides, emails, clips content, Windows dialog box text type.
  • For downloading free version is available with high quality.
  • The people have disabilities, and it is great for them to use and make their learning easy.
  • It is available with two vital options CereVoice and AT&T; you have them in just $24,95.

I speech

It is another great text to speech tool that has the ability to change the text in different formats. It is for many other devices.


  • It converts text into different formats like Wax, vox, alaw, MP3, MP4, ulaw etc.
  • It not only deals with copy and pasting text, but it also enables you to convert speech into text.
  • It works on multiple devices.
  • It provides text to speech options, which is very useful for researchers, professionals, publishers to change the text in beautiful voices.
  • It is good for eLearning companies.
  • Available at reasonable prices.

Acapela Group Virtual Speaker

It is the well known and best tool of text to speech software available in the market. It is a beneficial software for the eLearning process, with different formats, various voices, and languages.

  • It consists of more than 70 voices and contains 30 different languages and different moods like sadness, happiness, and various other voice tones.
  • It consists of different formats of audios.
  • It can control speech; it has a setting for voice and language that make text easy.
  • The good thing about software is to can get a free virtual speaker that consists of 8 to 44 kHz.

Textspeech Pro

Textspeech Pro

Textspeech Pro is software that can read different text formats like PDFs, HTML, and MS Word. This will help eLearning with text.

  • TextSpeech pro paid version consists of AT&T voices. You can set your own speed, form, or capacity.
  • It consists of many other features like email and web page that can read loudly and clearly.
  • Its price starts from $19,99 up to $149,99. It depends on features and quality.

Read The Words

Read the words is online software with different languages you can choose and available free.

  • You can translate your text into 3 languages English, Spanish and French.
  • Text or articles from RSS can change into speech audio, with proper links. You can try this feature for 3 days.
  • In the free version, you can create 30 seconds of audio files.
  • There are 15 various languages you can use.
  • You have to pay $39,99 per year, and for a month, you have to pay $10, and you can enjoy unlimited audios.


If you want to look for methods that make you eLearning better text to speech software contains all solutions to your problems and can make you eLearning better and improve.

There is much text to speech software that has different features, so its time to explore software that is best for you.

I hope my article will guide you about features and prices as well.