Natural Reader Review

Natural Reader Review – Ranked #3 In Text-To-Speech List

Natural Reader Review


Text- to- speech is a technology used to convert text to speech in various voices. This helps in many fields like education, businesses, call centers, companies, etc. It has many advantages and helps people who face reading problems.

Nowadays, a lot of text-to-speech programs launch in the market makes people’s lives easy. Natural Reader is one of them that makes learning easy to convert text to speech and ease the field of e-learning. Just to clear, Natural Reader is ranked #3 in our list for text-to-speech software.

So in this article, I will tell you some details about the Natural Reader.

Natural Reader Review

NaturalReader is a useful software for text to speech. It is straightforward to handle this program, download files easily. Natural Reader works the same as text-to-speech software and very straightforward to use. Here you don’t need to copy-paste text; you can directly select text and click the hotkey.

Natural Reader allows their consumer to read text from the images, and text consists of various reader tools. You can use it easily on mobile or laptop it will work on both types of technology. Its paid version aids you in save and design audio files of text. It allows you to drive software in an application toolbar.

Features Of Natural Reader Review

NaturalReader Dashboard

Text To Speech Converter

Natural Reader is a program that converts a written text to speech. You can listen to documents in various voices.

Deals With PDF

It saves the original format of PDF files you edit in Natural Reader.

Natural Voice

It converts a document into natural voices.

Languages And Voices

Natural Reader consists of 8 languages and 61 voices you can use in your text.

Quality And Tuning

It consists of high-quality voices with tuning options.

Change Document In Formats

It allows you to convert documents in different formats like Text Document, PDF, eBook, and Docx.

Convert Text Into Audio File

It converts the text files into an mp3 file for Windows and Mac and allows you to listen to that audio at any time.

You Can Use It On Window Or Mobile

Natural Reader can allow you to use it on mobile and desktop.


OCR stands for optical character recognition. It allows a scanner or camera to change printed documents into a digital form and will enable you to listen to that document on desktop.

Due to this function, you can convert your eBook or e-textbook into text. It also extracts text from images readily and allows you to listen to it. It even allows you to listen to documents in kindle, or adobe on your mobile desktop.

Different Versions Of Natural Reader

NaturalReader Free Version

Free Version

  • Consist of various voices
  • Pronunciation of spelling available
  • Miniboard to read a document in multiple application
  • Deals with PDF, Docx, TXT, and ePub.

Individual Version

($99.50 One-time payment)

  • Consist of 2 natural voices
  • Include features like a free version
  • Allow converting the text into MP3

Professional’s Version

($129.50 One-time payment)

  • Comprised of 4 natural voices
  • Including features of individual version

Ultimate Version

($199.50 One-time payment)

  • Consist of 6 natural voices
  • Consist of features as a professional version
  • Consist of 5000 images per year along with the function of OCR functions and convert scan documents into digital format.

Different Versions Of Natural Reader

Natural Reader Online

  • Easily accessed from any computer
  • Access to all voices( premium quantity)
  • Apply subscription charges

Natural Reader Software

  • Consist of different versions, license required for installation, and can be operated on one device.
  • Consist of 2 to 6 premium voices
  • You have to pay for only one time

Benefits of Natural Reader

It is very beneficial for people who want to save their time, eye vision, and want to make their writing, learning, and reading skills better.

  • Natural Reader protects you from an eye problem, it makes it easy to read documents loudly, and you can easily hear it comfortably.
  • You can listen to document any time like during a workout, having lunch, driving, etc.
  • Natural Reader makes your reading, writing, or language skill better.
  • Make your vocabulary strong.
  • It is very beneficial for students who transfer from other countries and face difficulty understanding a new language.
  • You can control the speed of text as you like.

Natural Reader 14.0 Online

Positives And Negatives Of Natural Readers

Here are some negatives and positives of Natural Readers


  • Natural Reader is easy to use.
  • It consists of updated language than any other program.
  • It also includes two natural premium voices.
  • You can read a document in just one click.
  • You can read many formats like PDF, eBook, webpages, and Microsoft word.
  • It is not suitable for very long use.
  • The other paid versions are costly as compare to Speechelo.
  • The internet is vital for connection in the free version to access other voices.
  • The short keys are not much practical. They may create a problem.

Other Software Of Text To Speech

Natural Readers is a very beneficial program. Like program Natural Readers, other text-to-speech programs can also be helpful for people. The additional software of text to speech:

  • TTS reader
  • TextAloud
  • I speech
  • Odd cast
  • Text2speech
  • Note vibes

So there are TTS programs you can also try to make your next experience better.


The Natural Reader is a handy software that helps many people learn and makes their skills better. Its features are beneficial for any learner or student. Natural Reader software aid in different fields like email reading, document reading, and speech reading that help people of different professions worldwide.

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