TextAloud Review

TextAloud Review Constructive Text To Speech Software

TextAloud Review

TextAloud is a software that converts text documents into speech from documents, sites, emails, pdf files. It deals with window PC; you can listen to text files in audio and save it for another portable device.

You can listen to it anywhere and anytime during exercise, walking, cooking, etc. the people who have dyslexia and facing other reading disorders enhance their reading skills and understand the text properly by listening.

It is a useful reading tool and can be used in emails reading, reading word documents, or PDF files. This software is beneficial for many people and can be used by students, teachers, companies, and e-learners.

So In this article, I will tell you more about TextAloud, its pros and cons, working, features that will help you understand TextAloud more deeply.

Is The TextAloud Is Beneficial?

TextAloud 4 software

The cost of a TextAloud is around $34.95 and available with 30 days guarantee. The free version is also available, which is easy to download. It up to you which version to want to use. You can choose limited voices in the free version compared to the paid version, which includes an MS word toolbar, a vertical toolbar that allows you to get text documents for reading, and a browser plugin.

You can choose four voices in the free version, two french and 2 English, and some video to guide you about its function. It takes very little time to download and enjoy the beauty of this software.

TextAloud features in MS Word are similar to Natural Reader*(Natural Reader), but TextAloud consists of more options. You can customize your reading text. You can handle pauses and punctuation.

For example: where to stop, the time duration of pause, add a comma, etc.

You can read the text in quotes and parentheses using different voices, consisting of highlighter highlighting a word, sentence, paragraph, and many other options to handle text.

Characteristics Of TextAloud Review

Convert Text To Speech

It is software designed for window PC, which aids in converting text into speech from quotes, emails, word documents, sites—this software changes text form into beautiful voices. The Premium version of the software consists of high-quality voices and functions.

Helps To Improve Reading Skills

Suppose you have any reading disorder like dyslexia or face difficulty in reading. In that case, you can use any text-to-speech software to solve your problem, listen to the text, improve your reading skill, pronunciation, style, speaking, and vocabulary.

TextAloud consists of a highlighter use to highlighting work, sentences, and paragraphs that are very useful for people who want to improve their reading skills. It is a great software for those who have low eyesight and face difficulty in reading.


TextAloud consists of built-in options for MS word and web browser. It contains a floating toolbar that allows you to read text from a selected page from the browser and change that text to speech for future use and save text.

Save for later option, pocket service, and can import articles from browser to read.

Auditory Files

TextAloud can save your text for use later, which you can listen to anytime and anywhere. It consists of a management tool that converts your text to audio or e-book text section by section. It can be heard easily on other devices.


Communication is nowadays is very important to interact with the world. TextAloud leads you to copy and edit your emails, office documents, and official reports before sending them to others. It is excellent for correcting your mistakes in documents by rereading documents within someone’s voice.

Sometimes when we read, we miss out on mistakes and make mistakes in writing. TextAloud helps you to identify your errors by rereading it.


TextAloud is easy to use; the interface is easy to understand by new users and consists of many tools. Every year TextAloud updates its functions and options to make it better according to their user’s feedback. A team is available to guide you if you have any difficulty or any questions regarding TextAloud.

So TextAloud is a handy software that helps a lot of people around the world.

Pros And Cons Of TextAloud Review

TextAloud Desktop Software

TextAloud changes text into the spoken form. This is very helpful for people who have difficulties in reading and want less screen interaction. It is multitasking and makes text to speech.


Built-In Shortcuts

TextAloud has built-in shortcuts that make it more constructive. These shortcuts are useful but they are not as powerful as Speechelo.

Video Sections

TextAloud consists of shortcut that helps you to reach video sections on the company’s site. These sections are beneficial and of great scope. It will teach you about the primary operations in TextAloud.


Voice Quality

The free version of TextAloud consists of voices of low quality and are annoying. They have deficient speed and take more time to read the prolonged document. The high-quality voices available in the paid version.

Complicated Interface

TextAloud consists of a detailed and complicated interface, consist of a lengthy menu, text boxes, and messy toolbar. This program’s primary function is to read the text loudly so that the menu can get better.

Final Verdict

TextAloud allows text to convert into an mp3 file that you can reserve for later and hear anytime during a workout, household task, cooking, etc. On the other hand, you can listen to the text and save your time reading a prolonged document.

It consists of many new and updated features that are very useful and make it more worthwhile.

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